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$1.5 BillioN spent on the Dark Web in 2020 (and growing)

95% of cyber attacks are due to human error

Every 39 seconds A cyberattack strikes 

51% of organizations suffer 3rd party attacks

Protecting computer systems is intricate work, our solution makes sense of these complexities, empowering you to make data driven decisions.

Here's how it works: 

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Find Exposed Assets

 Our cutting-edge technology rapidly identifies instances of exposed company assets, keeping you one step ahead of potential threats to company assets, including credentials, data leaks, and more.


Evaluate Asset Risk

ShadowBrand's expert team analyzes the collected data, developing organization specific, detailed reports with actionable insights so you understand the extent of the risk and can prioritize remediation efforts.


Enabling a Security Framework

Cyber threats are persistent, which is why ShadowBrand offers continuous monitoring and support to keep you updated on emerging risks and assist in maintaining a robust security posture.

Why What We Do Matters


Identify Exposed Assets on the Dark Web


Quantitative Risk Assessment with Custom Risk Dashboard


Security Hardening & Compliance 

Partners & Integrators

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